Vauxhall Panasonic VIN-Coded Radios

Just a quick reminder about our Vauxhall CD 300 & CD 400 radio VIN coding service. These radio models are fitted into certain Vauxhall vehicles and are coded to the vehicle, which means they do not require a security code to be entered if the battery is disconnected for any reason.

When one of these radios is fitted into a different vehicle the radio display will show a “LOCKED” message and not work until the vehicles VIN No. is programmed into the radio unit. After this has been done the radio will work normally again.

At Code-Busters we have been able to do these for some time now at a very reasonable cost compared to the cost of a new radio.

Giving you the ability to recycle a used product with a simple and fuss free operation to enable you enjoy your music again. This very specialised VIN coding service is something that main dealers cannot or will not do…

So “Who you gonna call ?”