Jaguar Radio Security Codes from Serial numbers

Jaguar radio system

We have been recovering security codes for Jaguar radio systems since we started in the year 2000. Most of these were done by physically connecting to the electronic components that stored the information that was required to calculate the security code. We still have to do this on certain models.

A recent investment in equipment means that most modern Jaguar radios can now have their security codes calculated from the serial number. Better still, most of them can be done without having to remove the radio from the vehicle. Anyone who has ever had to remove a radio from a Jaguar vehicle will appreciate the savings made in both time and effort by not having to do this.

By simply using the two keys as shown in the images on the product page you can obtain your serial from the radio. For the other models not covered by this capability then the serial number can be found on the labels and etched into the chassis of the radio. Once we have the serial number you can have your code and the pleasure of your music.

If you are not quite sure which numbers we need then simply upload a clear picture of the radio and numbers. We will do the rest. Click here to go to the product page.