Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you cannot find an answer to on our service pages then have a look at this FAQ page… It contain answers to questions we are asked most frequently. If you cannot find the answer to your question then please go to our contact details page and fill in the form there. We will get back in touch with an answer as soon as possible.

Can you find a code for any radio?

No, but, if they are being honest, neither can anyone else. We can decode or find the code for 1,000’s of different makes & models but if we can’t do yours then we don’t charge you for the decoding attempt. Thanks to our ‘No Code = No Cost’ guarantee.

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Can I keep trying different codes until I guess the correct one for my car stereo?

No, most car stereos will lock you out and prevent you from trying. At this point you need to contact us as further attempts can permanently lock out your radio.

It’s false economy to lock-out a radio in order to save a few pounds. There are still some radios out there that we can’t unlock, although we can provide a code!

Do yourself a favour, call Code-Busters NOW ! ! !  Don’t turn a working radio into a piece of scrap.

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Can you provide me with the security code by using the serial number on the radio?

Yes we can provide the security code for many different makes and models. All we need is information from the labels attached to the radio. Check if your radio can be done this way here…

Will you provide the correct code for my car audio system from a 'Serial Code' request?

Yes, as long as you provide us with the correct information, and it has not had its code changed by a previous decode or repair attempt. So if the warranty seals are still intact and there are no outward signs that it has ever been opened then we can help… Even if it has been interfered with before we can normally get the code, but we may have to connect directly to the memory of the radio in order to do it… Search for your radio here.

Are there 'Master Codes' that can be used to unlock car stereo systems?

With the exception of a few models, that we know of, out of literally thousands, the answer is a definite, NO !!!

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I have been told that some car audio systems will only work in the original vehicle that they were fitted in. Is this true?

Yes. Some audio systems store security information about the vehicle they are fitted in, and will not work in any other vehicle. Most will not even ask for a code.

We can now re-program most of them. We make it so they will work in your vehicle. This is something that main dealers cannot or will not do. It is much more cost effective to do this than to pay dealer prices for a new radio unit. Search for your radio here…

I put a radio into my car from another identical vehicle and it bleeps, what is the problem?

This will happen with a few models now.

Most new Citroen/Peugeot radios are actually VIN coded to the car. This means you do not need a code number for the radio. Even if you disconnect the battery, on reconnection the radio will operate as normal and not ask for a code.

However if you transfer a radio to an identical car then the radio will not operate correctly and you will hear a bleep coming from the speakers constantly. This will happen until the VIN no. is changed & is a good check that the radio is working & suitable for the car – so ‘NO BLEEP’ means not suitable for your car !

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Do you have to connect your equipment to my car radio in order to unlock it?

Yes, with very few exceptions. The lock-out information is stored inside the radios electronic memory system. Our equipment allows us to connect to this information and change it. Search for your radio here…

I have got a code from the main dealer, they insist it's the right one but the radio won't accept it. Can you help?

In most cases we can help. So stop trying the same code or you may lock your radio permanently. The code that the dealer gave you is probably correct for your car but not correct for your radio. It is very likely that your radio was changed for another at some point in it’s history. This happens a lot in the motor trade, with people upgrading to CD players. Find your radio here…

My Question is not on this list, what should I do?

Go to our Contact details page and fill in the form there with your question, we will get back in touch as soon as possible.