Security Coded Car Audio Systems

These are now fitted as standard to most new vehicles, which is a brilliant idea, until you lose the paperwork which has the radio security code written on it. Most people will only discover this after they disconnect the battery from the vehicle for whatever reason.

When you reconnect the system it needs a code to be entered, so that it will work again. This becomes a problem if the radio security code is not known by you, the previous owner or car dealer, this is when the services of ‘Code-Busters’ can help you.

Since the year 2000 we have provided reliable radio security codes for our valued customers who have found themselves in this same situation. Enabling them to get their radios working again with the minimum of fuss and frustration.

VIN Coded Radios

Radios that are coded using the VIN details of the car are becoming more popular with vehicle manufacturers. VIN coded radios will not ask for a security code to be entered after reconnecting a battery. However, a radio that is coded this way cannot be put into another vehicle without first changing this internal information.

Main dealers will not or cannot offer this service to their customers. ‘Code-Busters’ can do most of these now, enabling the use of re-cycled parts from salvage yards. Also it’s much much cheaper than a new radio system, with some main dealers charging over £1,200 for a new replacement and better for the environment.

At ‘Code-Busters’ we are able to decode, re-code, unlock and also make radios that are coded to another car work in YOUR car. Customers using the services of ‘Code-Busters’ have satisfaction guaranteed.

Standard & After-Market Radios

Code-Busters have gained the knowledge, technical ability and equipment needed to decode car radio and audio systems that are fitted as standard equipment by the main motor vehicle manufacturers.

After-market makes and models, such as Kenwood, Sony & Pioneer have not been left out either. Hence the huge list of radios that we can decode is being constantly updated.

Code-Busters can also provide the radio security code by email for certain models. Simple Information from the labels on the radio itself are all we require.

We have answers to frequently asked questions about car radio codes here.